PUPPY SALES CONTRACT
1. The Seller (Vom Couceiro German Shepherds) _________________________,and the Buyer_________________________, hereby agree as follows: The Seller hereby sells to the Buyer, for the amount of $__________, payment of which is hereby acknowledged, a male / female German Shepherd puppy born on __________2011, in accordance with the terms of this contract. The purchase of the puppy acknowledges that the owner has read and understood this contract. Even if it is not signed, by the purchase alone makes this contract binding.
2. The Seller will register the puppy with the AKC and provide the registration papers to the buyer. The Buyer will finalize the registration process with the AKC to get the pedigree in their name with the new puppy's name. If the puppy is not registered with the kennel name as its last name, all warranties and guaranties are voided.
3. The Seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health on the date of delivery. We do however advise that the buyer have a licensed veterinarian, of their choice,to check out the puppy within 72 hours of purchase. If the veterinarian finds the pup/dog to be in poor health, then the pup/dog must be returned immediately to us at the expense of the buyer, for a replacement of equal value if we have one available at that time if not we will replace the pup within a year. Failure to see a vet within the time given will void all guarantees and agreements. No further guarantee is made. 
4. The Seller guarantees that the puppy is free from hereditary defects to the best of his or her knowledge. Should the puppy be diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia on or before their second (2) birthday. Seller agrees to replace him/her with a comparable quality and price as long as we receive the other dog back at the cost of the buyer. A certification of a licensed veterinarian must be present. If hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia occurs from jumping or rough playing, then no warranty will apply. Thyroid disease often results from poor or improper nutrition, the Seller reserves the right not to warranty for such illness. No heart worm related illness will be guaranteed as it results from neglect. We do not guarantee against undescended testicles or reproductive capabilities. Un-descended testicles have not been proven to be a genetic disorder and sometimes happen without our control. The Seller does  Other conditions must be met in order for this guarantee to be in effect set forth herein. If there is another type of major/serious genetic or hereditary problem with your dog and all conditions have been met, then the same replacement guarantee applies for the life of the dog. The Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary bills whatsoever.
5. The Buyer shall maintain the dog, including but not limited to, adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heart worm prevention, good diet and a safe, clean environment. As a condition for the guarantee Buyer acknowledges that he/she will feed the puppy, Large Breed Origin Puppy Food, or equivalent till the age of (18) eighteen months. After that Adult Origin 6 Fish or Regional Red from Origin or equivalent. Must save receipts or UPC's as proof. Other equivalent dog foods include: Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, Canine Caviar, Canidae, Acana, or Eukanuba Naturally Wild. I can give you a distributor for Origin so it will be less expensive then in regular stores. If you divide the cost by portion then you will see that Origin is the same price as the lower quality brands out there. What you feed your German Shepherd is extremely important for their development, healthy growth, and strong bones and muscles.
6. Buyer acknowledges that they will not feed the dog pig ears, artificial treats, or table scraps, pork or chicken bones or any bones for that matter.These could seriously damage their digestive system developing digestive diseases, chances of developing parasites and could shorten the life of your pet
7. Once the Buyer takes the puppy the responsibility to maintain health and well-being is transferred to the Buyer. The Buyer agrees not to allow puppy to jump on/off furniture,heights, beds or any items that can cause injury to the dog's knees, hips ,back, growing bones and breakdown of joints. Do not exercise your puppy 1 hour before or after eating. It is not advisable for you to take your puppy to dog parks, beaches, streets or unknown grass as it might result in immune disease or parasites until the puppy is at least (6) six months of age. The buyer agrees to keep the puppy under strict supervision (just like a child) as it may swallow tiny items, household products, toys, wood, bones from garbage ect..

8. The Buyer agrees to maintain in contact with the Seller with progress and development in life.in addition to quarterly pictures of the dog. The Seller agrees to advise and help the Buyer to the limits of their expertise. If for any reason the Buyer has a problem, not easily solved, he/she will seek help from the Seller. The dog cannot be sold, transferred, gifted, or taken to the pound at any time. this will void the guarantee. Furthermore, If the Buyer/s are unable to keep the dog or provide an appropriate home in accordance with this agreement, the dog with its title and registration will not be transferred to any person or organization other than the Breeder, unless written authorization is given by said Breeder.
9. The buyer agrees not to sell the dog or its off spring (if any) to any individual, organization or establishment in the business of buying and selling puppies for a profit, such as a pet shop or puppy mill.
10. If it is found that the above dog has been re-homed without prior written consent, surrendered, or sold to a pet store, wholesale outlet, dog pound/shelter, or rescue organization, the Seller reserves the right to take immediate repossession of the dog. If the dog is found to be the victim of abuse or neglect, the Seller reserves the right to take repossession of the dog.
Remember purchasing a dog is a family commitment. They need dedication, attention and love. By signing this contract everyone in the household agrees to purchase the dog and give the new German Shepherd Puppy everything it needs.In return, you will get the best companion and protector for your family for many years to come.
11. If the Buyer moves or changes phone numbers or any vital information, the Seller will be notified immediately of these changes. If this is not done the guarantee will become null and void.
12. This contract is designed to protect the German Shepherd and its off spring, The Buyer and the Seller. By signing all parties agree to the clauses herein. 
13. Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and is under the jurisdiction of the State of Florida, County of Dade. It is agreed that the place of venue shall be in Dade County,Florida. Buying a puppy and/or paying for a puppy in full means the puppy should be picked up or shipped within 3 days or there will be boarding fees.

Buyer agrees that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions of this contract.
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