SG Inda Topolovnicka 
The Females in our household
V Fleur Von Der Berghofer-Heide Schh1 KKl1

Our 1st Breeding female is VA Withney Vom Suentelstein. She is our most prestigious female. She has the amazing VA title with an IPO2. She goes above and beyond our expectations. She has great protection skills yet shes
incredibly lovable. Best of both worlds.
The next female in our Breeding program is Faraa Vom Pekrahn. She is super loving and playful.
V Faraa Vom Haus Pekrahn Schh1, KKL1
D.O.B 09-21-2010
Hips: Normal
Elbows: Normal
Pedigree: CLICK HERE:
Breeding and show record :CLICK HERE:
V Gesa Vom Haus Pekrahn
D.O.B. 05-14-2011
HD Fast Normal
ED Normal
Placed V6 in Germany
Pedigree CLICK HERE:
Our next German Shepherd female is our lovely & super sweet V Salza Vom Team Zellwaldrand
A great addition. 5 x show winner. This amazing girl fit right along with our other champion girls. Beautiful coat. Great structure. Incredible temperament. Has adjusted dramatically fast. Click HERE: to see an upcoming litter from her. Or click DEPOSIT: to place a deposit and hold your place in line.
V Salza Vom Team Zellwaldrand
Born: 04-12-2007 (my birthdate destiny)
SCHH 1, KKL 1, V3 twice
HD: Fast Normal
ED: Normal
Mom: VSalza Vom Team Zellwaldrand CLICK HERE:
Grandmom(moms side) V1 Lily Vom Frankengold CLICK HERE:
granddad (moms side) VA2 Odin Vom HoltKamper Hof CLICK HERE:

Our next amazing girl is:
V Fleur Von Der Berghofer-Heide Schh 1 KKl 1. Fleur is wonderful. Her temperament is amazing. She's a kisser. Very sweet. Great structure and defined muscles. Incredible colors. She has become an integral part of our family. She's next to me constantly. Great with other puppies and kids.

DOB:...... 10-02-2007
TITLES:.... V4 ON 05-04-2010 SEE BELOW SCHH1,KKL 1
Fleur's pedigree CLICK HERE:
Our next female is:

SG1 Inda Topolovnicka 

Born: July, 1, 2007
ED: A1
Inda's Pedigree CLICK HERE:
Inda is one of the breeding females belonging to the Vom Couceiro family. Inda is Large and big boned. She is distinctly marked with Black and Red colors. She's imported from Germany. Broad head with terrific expression. Rock solid temperament with nerves of steel yet super gentle and loving with kids and adults. Dynamic drive and self confidence. She has been the best thing that has happened to us. She has gotten adjusted very quickly. We take her for her daily exercise routine to keep her in shape. Inda is the sweetest girl. She gets along with the puppies from our current litter and other animals that we have. All we have gotten are the best praises and acknowledgements from whomever she meets. Check out our PUPPIES page to see if she has any available.
I'm pleased that you have gotten the chance to get to know a little bit more of our breeding females. As you can see none of our dogs are in kennels. They are all part of our family. Interacting normally with us every day. We believe that they need as much love and attention as anyone else. We also raise our puppies in the same fashion. They all are a part of us until the moment that they become a part of your family. This is very important in the upbringing of a puppy. The puppies brought up in kennels, normally seem more wary of people and noises. Anyone can tell that they are in need of love and it takes them longer to get adjusted to families because they are always kept separate from a normal household condition. Keep browsing my pages and get even more information on our breeding program and our life.