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On top we have the newest addition to our family. V Salza Vom Team Zellwaldrand kkl1,schh1
From time to time we have older German Shepherd puppies avail.
Below you will find the info on what we have available now.
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Below you will find the info on the parents of the Nino Von Tronje descendant
male Chubaka Vom Couceiro.
We have 1 male left from this litter.
This German Shepherd puppy is the
grandson to the twice World Champ Nino Von Tronje. He won 5th and
2nd place in Germany. Nino won the 2014 1st place US Sieger Show. This
puppy has a great attitude. High spunk. He will not be a large German Shepherd. Hes more of the Show size. Super playful & high spirited. He gets along with all animals. Loves kids.
Chubaka Vom Couceiro
D.O.B. 11-20-2015
Sire: Sultan Vom Couceiro's pedigree : CLICK HERE
VA2 Nino Von Tronje's (grand dad) pedigree : CLICK HERE:

The mom is V Salza Vom Zellwaldrand

SCHH 1, KKL 1, V3 twice
HD: Fast Normal
ED: Normal
Mom: VSalza Vom Team Zellwaldrand CLICK HERE:
Grandmom(moms side) V1 Lily Vom Frankengold CLICK HERE:
granddad (moms side) VA2 Odin Vom HoltKamper Hof CLICK HERE:

The next avail older German Shepherd is the grandchild to the US Sieger
Show 1st place Champ VA1 Peik Vom Holtkamper Hof. Many VA's in pedigree.

The mom is Darcy Von Der Schanzlache. She's the grandaughter to the 2
times 1st place World Champ Larus Von Batu. Shes a wonderful German
Shepherd. She's very sweet and a great temperament. The puppies all came
out with impressive temperaments. This German Shepherd young adults is ready for her new home.
This German Shepherd was born 03-24-2014. 
Sire: Linoz Von Calvo
DOB 01-08-2013
Pedigree: CLICK HERE:
Grandad:VA1 USA,VA8 Germany Peik Vom Holtkamper Hof

pedigree: CLICK HERE:
Dam: Darcy Von Der Schanzlache
DOB: 10-17-12
Darcy Pedigree: CLICK HERE:
Great Grandad 2x World Champ Larus Von Batu Pedigree: CLICK HERE:
Below you will see the slide show of the German Shepherd we have left
from this litter.
She Loves people. She's super cuddly. Enjoys outdoor play including fetch.
Gets along with everyone including other animals. Will be a great addition to
any family.
Now you have seen all the puppies in this litter. Remember our females start
at $1200 and our males at $1500.00. We have for all budgets. All our pups come
with AKC open registration, Microchip, 3 gen litter certificate, puppy pack,
enough food to help you transition to their new food with less stomach issues.
We also send a toy to help with adjustment as well. If you would like to separate
a puppy CLICK HERE: . 
Please specify mom and color of the collar. Thanks.

Well you have now seen all our German Shepherd puppies currently available.
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contact me at 305-775-6538 or you can email me at zeyrac@aol.com.
Feel free to browse the other pages of my website to see our upcoming litters
or to find out a little bit about my family and dogs. Thank you for your interest
in my most prized possessions, my German Shepherds.
All our puppies are DM free. All Parents have been tested with neg results.
Apart from having all OFA certificates with great results. This gives you peace
of mind regarding the health of your puppy.
If you like the pedigrees Imagine how the puppies will turn out. Apart from their genes the way we bring them up makes all the world of difference. From full family life, swimming therapy, socialization from babies to small dogs. We have the best available program to ensure that your new puppy has been through a normal family environment since birth. Place your deposit HERE!!!! Please specify mom. Please email or call before placing the deposit to ensure the puppy is still avail. You won't be disappointed with the quality, beauty and temperaments of your new family member.
Many people ask me why I speak so much about pedigrees. When families are deciding 
on purchasing a german shepherd they want to make the best decision they can. Its not   
a car purchase or a new TV. Its a lifelong family member. The better the pedigree, of course, the better the dog. Thats why we strive for only the best pedigrees in Germany. When we have a litter we know that they will have all the opportunities available because of their great pedigrees. The better the dog turns out, the more the family will love them.  If you get a low pedigree dog you can expect to have difficulties in some aspect of their 
life. Whether it be with discipline, commands, structure, health issues, ect.. When you purchase a great pedigree, Yes, it will cost you a little more at the beginning BUT you are purchasing peace of mind as well. There is little chance that you will have the problems I mentioned before because the dog comes from great families and show histories. That's why I show my dog's pedigrees with pride so you can make a well educated decision. All my dogs also have their DNA registered with the AKC so the puppies can be verified.
I hope this answers the question. Also since I am a family breeder the better the
pedigrees the easier it is for me to have all my adults and puppies roaming my house because I know how their temperaments will turn out.

All our German Shepherd puppies for sale come with: AKC open registration, 

3 generation litter certificate, curr vaccines, dewormings, microchipped, health certified, puppy

 pack with helpful info, collar & leash , food for 1 week & a toy the litter uses 

to help adjusting. Most important lifelong support.

Our imported puppies come with German Passport, Current vaccines, Microchipped in Germany
Health certified by a vet, Puppy pack with helpful info, Collar & leash. The pink papers arrive in about 5 months, then can be transferred to AKC for a fee that they charge. Our pregnant females from Germany take about the same time to register the litter with AKC. 5-6 months typically. Please be patient, it is a long and tedious process but definitely worth the wait. 

No one breed of dog is for everyone, but there is one breed that could be for just about anyone. 

It's known for its beauty and its brains; its strength and its gentleness. It's a helper to the 

disabled, a guardian of homes, a companion to children, a protector of livestock, and a partner in

 crime-fighting. There is little this dog cannot do, and almost nothing it's not willing to try. 

It's the multi-purpose, multi-tasking, ever-popular, hard-working German Shepherd Dog. 

Our German Shepherds for sale are a perfect addition to any family.

*** Most of the dogs sold for less money are usually from people cutting corners, puppy mills , inbreeding family , upbringing the puppy with the wrong feeding program, care and socialization;buying lower quality pedigrees that will produce low quality and poor temperament dogs.   
Our German Shepherd puppies for sale are handled daily, whelped in a 
climate controlled room with 24 hour supervision and
are raised in a family environment, not the usual kennel life.
All of our dogs have DNA done so you may verify
 our puppies come from the pedigree we advertise
and have 
Hips , Elbows , Temperament tested 

All our German Shepherd puppies for sale come with hips warranty.