We have the highest quality German Shepherds at very reasonable prices

Adult German Shepherds for sale. These are the Adults we currently have for sale. From time to time we can offer great adults. If we don't have any listed don't hesitate to ask us.

The first Adult German Shepherd for sale that we have is Inda Topolovnika.
Inda is a retired breeding female. Her temperament is incredible. She'svery loving. Great with kids. Will let them do anything to her. She loves being with the family. Watching TV ect.. Loves going for drives. She will get on the passenger seat without being asked. She's a very family oriented German Shepherd. She would be a great addition to any family. She has a
very nice pedigree. See below. You are getting a top quality German Shepherd Adult at a fraction of the price.

SG1 Inda Topolovnicka 

Born: July, 1, 2007
ED: A1
Inda's Pedigree CLICK HERE:
The other adult German Shepherd that we have available is Shakira Vom Couceiro. This German Shepherd has an amazing drive. She loves everything that has to do with the outdoors and playing. She loves attention. Wants to be playing and jumping all the time. She would be great for a family that does activities with their pets. Gets along with kids. She got into a fight years back and the tendon in 1 of her ears got damaged. We implanted a stent in her ear. Its noticeable but not greatly. She's a great German Shepherd dog.
Shakira Vom Couceiro
D.O.B. 02-25-2011
Granddaughter to the 2 times World Champ Vegas Du Haut Mansard.
Pedigree CLICK HERE: